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FNA Outreach Program

April 1, 2023 FNA once again conduct a community service at barangay Alusiis San Narciso Zambales with the help and cooperation of 'Ulo ng Apo Kalasag Eagles Club"

The FNA team from the Head office, Cainta,

and Cavite office

The FNA team with Ulo ng Apo Kalasag Eagles Club

More than 150 individuals from the barangay Alusiis are the beneficiary including senior citizens and youth. The program activity includes a video presentation that teaches good manners and Christian values while watching the video presentation a feeding program is being conducted. The distribution of Pasugo Magazines (God's Message) was also done.

The last part of the program is the distribution of goody bags, grocery items, and used clothes. A special loot bag dedicated to youth that includes toy candies and chocolates was also given.

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